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    About is an easy to use link shortener. It is one of the many features that CarryLinks offers, and it allows you to shorten any link directly from your bookmarks. So, there is no need to copy and paste. It is a complete bookmark management system that works from all operating systems, browsers, and devices.

    Shortening a link offers several advantages:

    • Improved Aesthetics: Short links are visually neater and more appealing, especially in printed materials or on social media.
    • Enhanced User Experience: Short links are easier to remember and type, reducing the likelihood of errors when entered manually.
    • Space Efficiency: Short links occupy less space in text messages, tweets, or other contexts with character limits.
    • Tracking:, the shortening service, allows the short link creator to monitor link engagement.
    • Customization: offers options to customize the short link's alias or keyword, making it more meaningful or aligned with a brand.
    • Sharing: Short links are convenient for sharing through email, social media platforms, or messaging applications.
    • QR Codes: Shortened links are well-suited for use in QR codes, which can be effortlessly scanned by mobile devices.

    Overall, enhances the accessibility and usability of URLs, particularly in situations where brevity and convenience are paramount.

    There are many reasons that make different from other link shorteners. For example:

    • Simplicity: You can shorten any link in your bookmarks (website, app, and extension).
    • Safety: Long links are automatically checked for safety before they get shortened.
    • Tracking: You can track the activity of your short links.
    • Sharing: You can share the short link via many platforms with just one click.

    Yes, is free. Non-Premium users receive system-generated names for their short links, while Premium users, as part of the CarryLinks Premium membership, can customize their short links and view detailed statistics. is the CarryLinks link shortener. It allows you to shorten any link in your bookmarks. So, shortening links happens within CarryLinks (either website, app, or extension). Visitors of your short link do not need to have a CarryLinks account.