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    Bookmarks serve as a valuable tool for organizing and accessing websites and online resources efficiently. Here is why they are essential:

    1. Efficient Website Access: Bookmarks allow you to save websites for future reference, eliminating the need to remember and manually type URLs every time you want to revisit a specific site.
    2. Effective Organization: By creating folders, you can organize your favorite websites neatly. This ensures easy retrieval, helping you find the content you need quickly.
    3. Enhanced Productivity: Bookmarks enable you to access important online content swiftly. This feature saves time and boosts productivity, especially when you frequently visit specific web pages for work or research.
    4. Resource Management: Bookmarks help you keep track of valuable resources, research materials, and reference sites. Whether it is for ongoing projects or personal knowledge, bookmarks help you stay organized.
    5. Personalization: Bookmarks allow you to customize and personalize your web browsing experience by organizing content according to your preferences. This ensures that your online journey aligns with your interests and needs.

    You can create as many folders as you need to organize and categorize your bookmarks effectively. There is no limit on the number of folders you can create.