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    Privacy and Visibility

    Yes, you have the option to hide or show your Public page at any time. To do so, follow these steps:

    • Click the "More" button below the banner.
    • Click
      • "Hide My Page" button to hide your page, or
      • "Show My Page" button to show your page.

    When your page is hidden, only you can see it. Please note that while your page is hidden, you will not be able to like other pages, follow users, write comments, or reply to comments.

    If you public page is visible, it can be viewed by anyone and may also be suggested to others. Additionally, other users can search for your public page by your public user name or your public links. However, if you hide your public page, your public page and public links will not show in search results, and no one can view it other than you.

    To share a folder on your public page, you need to have a Premium membership. From the User page, follow these steps:

    • Choose the folder you want to make public.
    • Navigate to the "More Options" button.
    • Select the option "Make Public."

    The folder is now public and shows in your Public page. A public folder is distinguished by an eye icon, while a private folder by the icon .

    No, your email address is not visible to other users. What others can see on your public page includes your name, username, public links, public folders, profile image, bio, social media links, your followers, those you are following, banners, comments, and replies to comments. CarryLinks prioritizes user privacy and does not share email addresses.

    If you wish to contact another user, you can do so by leaving a comment on their public page. Users can choose to be notified when someone comments on their public page, enabling communication without the need to disclose email addresses.