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    Compatibility and Installation

    CarryLinks Progressive Web App is an app that is installable on mobiles, tablets and computers (desktops and latptops) and on all operating systems. You download it directly from the CarryLinks website, and it gets updates automatically. It is an optimized web application that offers users a seamless and feature-rich experience for managing and accessing their bookmarks without using the browser.

    The CarryLinks PWA enhances the user's experience in several ways:

    • Faster Loading: PWAs are designed for quick loading, providing a responsive and smooth experience.
    • Add to Home Screen: Users can add the CarryLinks PWA to their device's home screen for easy access, just like a native app.
    • Synchronization: The PWA synchronizes with the CarryLinks website and extension, ensuring that users' data is consistent across devices.
    • Cross-Platform Compatibility: It works on various devices and platforms, eliminating the need for platform-specific apps.

    To install the CarryLinks app, simply visit the app page and click the appropriate button based on your browser/device/operating system.