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    CarryLinks utilizes the Stripe payment system for handling transactions. This payment system enables users to subscribe to Premium memberships and gain access to exclusive features. To subscribe, users select their preferred Premium plan, provide payment information, and securely complete the transaction through Stripe.

    CarryLinks accepts a variety of payment methods through the Stripe system. These payment options often include major credit cards, debit cards, and various online payment methods.

    Yes, the payment method used on CarryLinks is secure and reliable. Stripe is a trusted payment processing platform that adheres to industry standards for security and encryption, ensuring the protection of user payment information.

    Your payment details are stored securely by the Stripe payment system. Stripe employs advanced security measures to safeguard sensitive financial information, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

    You can update or manage your payment information, including modifying your payment method, updating card details, and adjusting your subscription plan, from the Settings page.

    At its discretion, CarryLinks may provide a full or partial refund to first-time Premium members if they cancel the subscription within the first 24 hours of becoming a Premium member. To cancel, the customer should do so from the Settings page. Please refer to our terms for more information.

    In the event of issues or errors during the payment process, it is advisable to contact customer support for assistance. Our support team can provide guidance on troubleshooting and resolving payment-related problems.

    Receipts are sent to the email address associated with your account after each successful transaction. You can also view/download receipts for your payments from the Settings page.