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    QR Codes

    QR stands for "Quick Response." It is a matrix barcode that makes it easy to scan links with phone cameras. With CarryLinks, you can:

    • create and save QRs for your links
    • scan QRs to save links.

    From the User page, hover the link you want to create a QR for. Then, click the "Create QR" button.

    Yes. When you create a QR, you will see an option to download it.

    Yes, you can customize the size, color, background, transparency, file type, and shape of the QRs from the Settings page.

    You can scan a QR to reveal its link and choose if you want to bookmark it.

    • Click the Add Link button.
    • Click the Scan QR button.

    The link from the QR will show and you can decide if you want to add just like any regular link.