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Every user gets a public webpage that start with followed by the user name. When you make links public, they will show on your public page. On public pages, users can see the links that other users have made public. They can follow other users, like their page, make comments on their page, clone public links, share links, suggest the page to their own followers, etc. Public pages also show the user's profile image and banner(s) with links to their social media and personal/business websites.

Yes. You can hide or show your public page at any time you want. To do so, visit your public page and click on the "More" button. Then, select "Hide My Page." When your page is hidden, only you can see it. Keep in mind that when you are hiding your page, you will not be able to like other pages, follow users, write comments , or reply to comments. You can make your public page visible again at any time from the same button.

You can change your the banner picture/pictures of your public page from the Settings page. Make sure the image you are uploading meets the requirements. logo

Yes; you can search for users. The search result will show you a link to their public page.

No. CarryLinks does not share user's email addresses. If you want to contact a user, you can make a comment on their public page, and they will be notified if they have selected to the option to be notified when someone makes a comment on their page.

Following and getting followed by users is a great feature that you can benefit from. When you follow a user, you will be notified when they add links to their public page. The notification will show in the User bar next to an image of a bell. Similarly, your followers will get notified when you add links to your public page. You can see all your followers and the users you are following in by clicking on the number of followers/following in your Public page.

When you like a public page, a link to the page will be added to your "Liked Pages" page. All the pages you like will show in one page to make it easy for you to find any time you want. You will not get notifications when the owner of the page adds public links. Liking a page shows the owner that there are people who appreciate their sharing links.

When you add a link, its default privacy is "Private", meaning only you can view this link. You have the option to make it "Public", meaning it will show your public page for others to view. When someone searches for links, only "Public" links show in the results. "Private" links do not appear in our search results. With one click, you can make a link "Public" and/or "Private" whenever you want.