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CarryLinks is a simple and easy-to-use bookmark manager.

Experience powerful bookmark management with all the features you need.


Navigate and manage your bookmarks with our user-friendly website, much like managing your emails.


Say goodbye to being stuck on one device. With our progressive app, your links are with you wherever you go.


Save and access any link while surfing the web without any hassle, and enjoy features beyond what browsers offer.

Browser Extension

Access your links while surfing the Internet from any browser, and enjoy features beyond what browsers offer.

  • Synchronize your bookmarks
  • Open multiple links
  • Shorten links
  • Bookmark open tabs
  • Bookmark links from any page
  • Import links from history
  • Create QRs
  • And, much more ...
Progressive App

Progressive App

Access and share your bookmarks outside the browser with our user-friendly app. Download it directly from our website, and manage your bookmarks on-the-go.

Your bookmarks are in the cloud

Access them from any




Wherever you are, your bookmarks are only a click away.

CarryLinks works on all browsers, devices, and operating systems.

Trusted By Users From 171 Countries and Counting

Join us for free, and discover the power of CarryLinks.

What you can do with your bookmarks

CarryLinks has many bookmark management features.


Keep your links up to date and consistent by syncing them across multiple devices and browsers.

Import & Export

Import and export your bookmarks into and out of CarryLinks at any time. You are in control.


Save time by adding links in multiple ways, including from QRs, open tabs, browser history, clipboard, etc.

Sort & Organize

Keep your bookmarks organized and easily accessible by sorting them, using nested and colored folders, etc.


Share links and folders on social media, with contacts, in emails, via bluetooth, and as QRs.


Smart search algorithms to find your links as well as others' public links easily

Beyond saving, check for

Broken & Duplicate Links

Detect broken links, fix redirected ones, and eliminate duplicates to keep your bookmarks organized.

Unsafe Links

Before you click a link, you can check it for malware or any other potential threat to stay safe online.

Be creative with QRs

Scan, add, generate, customize, and share any link in your bookmarks via CarryLinks.

Scan QRs & Add Links

Reveal the link behind any QR, and optionally add it to your bookmarks.

Generate QRs & Share them

Generate customized QRs for any link in your bookmarks. Save it, and share it.

Shorten and track links

Shorten any link in your bookmarks, share it, and track its activity.

Shorten any link in your bookmarks via CarryLinks.

Connect with the world

In addition to your private user page, you have a customizable public page to

share links and folders

interact with other users

search all public links

display your public profile

show your social media links

Show or hide your public page whenever you want.

CarryLinks offers you a private page as well as a public page.

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Easy to view at any time

CarryLinks offers darkmode settings. You can choose auto, light or dark. CarryLinks offers darkmode settings. You can choose auto, light or dark.

For dark mode lovers, enjoy three customizable modes:




Logged-in users have the option to customize the mode to the minute.

Why CarryLinks?

Privacy: We do not sell your data.

Security: Your connection to our servers is encrypted.

Speed: Access your bookmarks fast.

Simplicity: Easy-to-use

Ecosystem: Responsive website, browser extension, progressive app

Languages: New languages are regularly added.

 CarryLinks is a unique bookmark manager that focuses on privacy, security, speed and simplicity.

With CarryLinks, you can easily manage your bookmarks on all browsers, devices, and operating systems from anywhere.

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